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Nov. 13th, 2007 | 12:52 pm

 (Grif ) I suppose next you'll say I'm too old for bacon-flavored marshmallows.

 (Selerath ) ....

 (Nick_Wright ) Bacon -- whaaaaaat?

 (Selerath ) That sounds repulsive, even to me.

  Selerath EATS BRAINS, here.

  Jonathan may be ill.  Ohgodwhatdidhesay?  Bacon?

 (Grif ) Bacon-flavored marshmallows. Just what it says on the bag full of tasty tasty semi-pork-based tastiness.

 (Jonathan ) D:

 (MollyHayes ) oOo Like Bacon puffs? Those are great!

 (Nick_Wright ) [Glagggh...  Note to self, make GOOD food next time I'm at home.]

 (Holmes[18] ) ...

 (octopus ) bacon... how on Earth is that even possible?!

 (Grif ) Hang on a second.

 (Holmes[18] ) Good God, Man!

 (MollyHayes ) You take the bacon fat and you fry it up until it's beyond crispy and THEN you blow it up (her cheeks puff up and she makes a huge production of blowing air) until it's all light and crunchy and puffy!

 (Selerath ) ...
 (Selerath ) That's repulsive.

  Grif closes his eyes, appearing to think quite intently for a few moments. A small green portal opens in front of him, and he reaches into it and pulls out a plastic bag that does, in fact, read "BACON-FLAVORED MARSHMALLOWS" on it, which he tosses to Molly as the portal closes.

 (Jonathan ) Stop.  Stop, that's disgusting.

 (Holmes[18] ) ... It is revolting.

 (Holmes[18] ) Why would anyone eat bacon fat like that?

 (Grif ) Had to do some number-crunching to get the coordinates for the pantry back at base.

 (octopus ) ...pork rinds I can understand, even if they do not appeal to me, byt....

  MollyHayes 's tummy growls as she catches the bag.  )___ ) Obviously this requires testing. She eats one!

  Nick_Wright looks vaguely ill.

 (Grif )  they are not bacon puffed up, but rather literally marshmallows that taste like bacon

 (Jonathan ) oh god

  Nick_Wright could SEE the bacon puffs, see, but sugar and bacon fat?

  Holmes[18] has a looovely shade of 'that is completely disgusting and nausating'

 (octopus ) ..... I'm morbidly curious.

  Selerath wishes he had a good brain right now.

  octopus reaches out with an actuator and plucks one of the marshmallows from the bag.

 (MollyHayes ) Tastes like chicken! (a mouthful is then eaten) Hee. O 'illy 'a'on. (translation, 'or really, bacon')

 (Nick_Wright ) I'll... urp, pass, thanks.

 (Grif ) For some holidays, they make Peeps versions.

 (Holmes[18] ) I will also pass.

  octopus eats it, a disgusted look growing on his face. He swallows. "...that was so very wrong."

 (Selerath ) I am glad I do not ingest that sort of nuitrition..... or lack thereof.

 (Jonathan )  ) (

 (Grif ) I think you mean, 'so very  right .' :D

  MollyHayes is happily stuffing her face and washing it down with Sprite

  Holmes[18] stares at Otto as if he expected him to keel over from eating sugar bacon fat.

 (octopus ) ....no.   Bacon should not have that texture.

  octopus doesn't appear sickened, at least, but a morbid seriousness has affected his face.

  Nick_Wright ponders going to make some REAL bacon, at least.

  Holmes[18] is thinking about swearing off all pork-related items.

  Eiko rarely eats pork, doesn't like bacon, and thinks that Molly is somewhat terrifying.

  octopus isn't terribly fond of pork, likes bacon occasionally, but believes in his heart that bacon should not have the texture of a marshmallow.

  Grif  heart s them, because they taste just like bacon, but with zero char.

  octopus believes that crunchiness, and a slight char are essential parts of bacon. If you overcook it, the fat isn't gross to eat.

 (MollyHayes ) :D Can I have more?

  Nick_Wright looks a little green at the idea.

 (octopus ) ..hm.  I think I'm going to go eat something.... natural.

 (Selerath ) I shall depart as well.

 (Selerath ) A pleasure meeting you, Molly.

 (Grif ) You can keep the bag.  it's one of the large bags, like can be found of regular marshmallows these days

  Selerath bows to her.

  octopus rises to his feet and heads off to the kitchen in search of persimmons.

 (Selerath ) [Goodbye, Jonathan.]
  Selerath departs.

  Holmes[18] buries his face in the paper, groaning.

  MollyHayes ...can't decide if she should sit back beside Jon or back beside Holmes. Obviously neither of them will appreciate the company while she eats.

 (MollyHayes ) (looks back and forth between the two, marshmellows clutched to her chest)

 (Grif ) Anyway, I gotta get going. Enjoy the eats, Molly.

 (MollyHayes ) Bye... Mister!

 (Grif ) The name's Grif.

 (Nick_Wright ) Er, see you, Grif.

 (Holmes[18] ) Good Evening sir.

  Grif disposes of his empty bottles, then puts on his helmet, waves, and teleports out.

  MollyHayes chooses Holmes as her seating parnter. She doesn't offer him the bag.

  Holmes[18] is thankful for that. He's currently reading an article with a crude photograph of a crime scene - that would be grisly if the photos were of good quality.

  octopus returns from the kitchen, a persimmon in his mouth.

  MollyHayes waves her the hand holding a fist full of marshmellows.

  octopus returns to his seat, offering another persimmon to Nick.

  Nick_Wright takes. "Thanks." He could use some fruit after all that meat talk.

  Jonathan has to leave now.  Blech.

  octopus and Nick are fortunate enough to avoid the bad persimmons.

  Holmes[18] looks up. "Persimmons?"

 (octopus ) Oh... yes.  There are more in the kitchen, if you want one.  They're the kind that you can simply eat.

 (MollyHayes ) What are persimmons?

 (Nick_Wright ) They're a sort of fruit.  You can eat the seeds too.

  Holmes[18] gets up to grab some, leaving his bag on the couch.

 (MollyHayes ) ! Someone told me if you eat watermelon seeds then it'll grow in your belly and explode.

 (Holmes[18] ) That is a myth.

 (Nick_Wright ) Uh, yeah.

 (octopus ) Considering that the human stomach is a fist-sized sack of acids and gastric juices?

 (MollyHayes ) Coolbeans

  Some appears.

 (Nick_Wright ) Ah, hey Some.

  Some is in his workin' clothes, black suit, turtleneck, shoes, and now is time for flopping on couch.

 (Some ) Hiya.

  octopus is still mad at Some, and doesn't greet him.

  Jonathan pinpoint back in, now that he is done being sick about bacon marchmallows.

  MollyHayes waves happily at Some. She remembers him! He provided food.

  Jonathan is possibly slightly green.

  Some does that! He's also mad at Ock, but doesn't eat him.

  Jonathan is mad at whoever invented bacon marshmallows.

 (Holmes[18] ) Hello.  Takes a few persimmons.

  Some toes off his shoes and rolls over before he sees Jon. "Hello!"

  MollyHayes sadly puts the bag of marshmellows down. "...Are you feeling better, Mr Crane?"

  Some has a PDA, and is occassionally poking at it.

  Patrick[geek] comes in after having his random fit at someone in the Nexus. He is very scowly and recovering from a panic attack so he'll go get himself a glass of water right away.

  Jonathan wibbles, like one does when one is sick at the thought of... bleugh... that is so gross.  Why are the marshmallows still here?

 (octopus ) Ultimately, the easiest way to deal with this would be to hunt down one of those vampire hunter types.... I wouldn't want to get Soma involved, though.

  Some shifts up to make room for Jon.

  MollyHayes will maybe hide the marshmellows under this coffeetable. ;_; "Sorry Mr Crane."

 (Patrick[geek] ) "I have a question." It isn't important but hey, question.

  Jonathan sits next to Some.

 (Jonathan ) o_o

 (Nick_Wright ) Hmm.  Yeah.

  Some scoots. Head in Jon's lap.

 (Jonathan ) o_o

  Patrick[geek] shall sit and sip his water then. Water is of the good.

  octopus looks over at Patrick. "Speak."

  Jonathan is trapped.  oh no.

 (Holmes[18] ) Hm?

 (MollyHayes ) :D Are you gay, Mr Crane?

  Nick_Wright hurks a bit.

 (Holmes[18] ) He does not look like it.

  Jonathan pinpoints out again...

  Holmes[18] is taking it to mean 'happy' and not 'homosexual'.

  Some finds himself very abruptly flat on his back. o,O

 (Holmes[18] ) ...

 (MollyHayes ) ...;__; I think I made him angry again, I'm sorry. (her hat is pulled down low over her eyes)

 (Holmes[18] ) What is that about?

 (Patrick[geek] ) "Are all --" He gives Molly a careful look and checks his mouth. "Are all super heroes always so insulting?"  )_ )

  Some gets up slowly, and glares at Molly. "Are you a complete and utter moron? Who ASKS people questions like that?!"

 (octopus ) ....

 (Nick_Wright ) Some, geez, she's just a girl.  Go easy on her.

 (octopus ) Pipe down, Some.  The kid asked an honest question.

 (Holmes[18] ) Is there some sort of other meaning to the question that I am not understanding?

 (Some ) No, she asked a rude question, and it's none of her damn business.

  MollyHayes huddles in on herself, hat pulled down now to just above her chin.

 (Nick_Wright ) Some, you're blowing this out of proportion.

  Nick_Wright goes over to Molly. "You okay?"

  octopus pinches the bridge of his nose. "...as for your rather ill-timed question, Ms.... Hayes, was it? I have been led to believe that not everyone is of a 'fixed' sexual orientation... and what is more, it was a little tasteless of you to ask such a thing."

 (Some ) No, this is precisely the right proportion.  She just scared him out of the room.

 (Nick_Wright ) Some, for Christ's sake, she's sorry, can't you see that?

 (octopus ) If Crane is so timorous that a little girl asking him that question should drive him from the room, it's hardly her fault.

 (Holmes[18] ) ...Wait - the question is about - sexual conduct?  he sounds completely confused

   NOTE: Hats couldn't remember Molly's age and thought she was a teen. Be nice to Some in the future.  

  Jonathan pinpoints back in, assuming that the issue would be dropped by now.  Hahaha.
  Jonathan is over here, though, by the bar.

 (MollyHayes ) I didn't mean to ask a bad question and make everyone angry. (rolls her hat up just a bit) I'm sorry. I thought people were open about stuff like this. I mean, Chase goes all red but that's it.

 (Patrick[geek] ) "Uh yes. But I think it would be a good idea to drop the subject. For Doctor Crane's sake."

 (Jonathan ) o_o

 (Nick_Wright ) That's okay.  You just have to remember that questions like that are a little blunt for some people, okay?

 (Jonathan ) I'mnotgay.

 (octopus ) ...oh.  Crane, don't be such a coward.  If you have homosexual tendancies, then it's better to just stand by them.

  Holmes[18] just stares at Otto now.

 (Jonathan ) ... fuck you, Otto.  God damn it, I'm not.

 (Nick_Wright ) Heeeey, let's go see how many cans are in the recycling bin, okay?  Okay!  [I am NOT touching this with a ten foot pole.]

  Jonathan actually swore, too, wow.

 (MollyHayes ) Okay. Do you think I'll make enough for a box of Sugar Bombs?

  Holmes[18] goes with Nick and Molly, he whispers to Nick. "Wright, I am obviously missing some context here."

 (MollyHayes ) Gay means you like other men, Mr Holmes. (quiiietly)

  octopus sighs, and shakes his head. Whatever, Jon.

  Nick_Wright whispers to Holmes, "The term gay has a considerably more sexual connotation in the 20th and 21st century. Especially between two people of, er, the same sex."

  Some shakes his head. "I'm sorry. It's an issue, alright?"

 (Jonathan ) D:

 (Some ) I'm sorry, Jon.

  Patrick[geek] is totally going to stare at his water. Because the arguing is very upsetting to him for other reasons right now.

 (Holmes[18] ) Aaah... what other terms should I be wary of?  he questioned

  Patrick[geek] almost says 'geek' but just stays quite.

 (Nick_Wright ) Um, lessee...  Well, you're British, so don't use the word rubber for an eraser.  Trust me on this one.

  Jonathan has no idea what to do right now.  He will stand here.  Maybe he should get some beer.  That's pretty not gay, right?

 (MollyHayes ) I dunno. (she picks out a can) Fag is a bad word.

 (Holmes[18] ) Exactly why?

 (Nick_Wright ) Well, it's considered a derogatory term, again towards gay people.

 (Nick_Wright ) Gay in the modern sense, I mean.

  Some joins Jon.

 (Jonathan )  )_ )

  Holmes[18] was asking about rubber. "But it's a slang for cigerettes in Britain..." He shook his head in wonder.

  octopus heads over to the bar to get himself another drink. "I... it might be better to simply let this conversation sit."

  Jonathan tenses as Otto comes closer.

 (Holmes[18] ) And why is rubber problematic?

  Some is just gonna be quiet, and pick at the wood of the bar.

 (Nick_Wright ) Well, um... there's certain... er, things, that people use when... uh, they don't wanna get... well, a pregnancy when... yeah.

  Nick_Wright is turning redder and redder the further into this he gets.

 (Holmes[18] ) a french letter?

 (Nick_Wright ) A... huh?

  Holmes[18] is shockening nonchalant about it.

  octopus doesn't stare at Some and Jon or show any real reaction to their presence, aside from politely giving them some space. He's been in the Nexus long enough that strangely, the idea of those two in a relationship doesn't surprise him anymore.

  Jonathan is straight, you know.  He had a wife.  Who left him.  Which is why he should drink this beer, here.

 (Holmes[18] ) It's what is used by men... in such situations.  now he's turning red

 (Nick_Wright ) Oh, r... right.  Um.   cough

  octopus will grab copy of the Kinsey Report for Jon and leave it within perusing range, next time he thinks of it.

 (Patrick[geek] ) "Yes. Only...disposable."

  MollyHayes is counting up how much money (ie cans/bottles) are in the recycle bin. "Twenty four..."

  Jonathan is totally freaking out.  Woooooo @_@

  Nick_Wright would be smacking his head on the counter if he knew what Otto was planning.

  Some is upset that he yelled at a child.

  Nick_Wright heads over to Molly. Subject change! "How much can you make from these?"

  Holmes[18] is jotting down things NOT to say.

 (octopus ) ....you can relax, Jonathan.  You look like you're going to pull something.

  octopus pours himself a drink and heads back to his seat.

  Jonathan sets down the beer.  Beer tastes bad.  OhgodOttotalked.  He accidentally knocks it over.

  Some jumps, avoiding getting be-beered.

 (MollyHayes ) ...If I say sorry again and offer out more pop can it stop being scary and akward in here?

  octopus just sighs.

  Nick_Wright sighs as well. "I'm sorry, there was just some misunderstandings. You're all right."

  Some smiles at her a bit. "Jon, want some pop?"

 (Holmes[18] ) To be honest, I did not understand what exactly happened myself.

  Patrick[geek] shall stay very quite. And watch everyone through his bangs. Classic nervous teenager look.

 (Jonathan ) I-i-i... w...
 (Jonathan ) h-hate...

 (MollyHayes ) ...pop?

 (octopus ) [This is painful to watch.]

 (MollyHayes )  )_o

  Holmes[18] watches with the morbid fascination of a train wreck.

  Nick_Wright is sticking close to Molly. Somehow, in spite of the fact he's just witnessed her lift a minifridge without breaking a sweat, he feels a little protective.

  octopus opts to focus on his reading.

  Some nudges Jon's foot with his.

 (Jonathan ) I-i'm not, don't...
 (Jonathan ) don't...

  MollyHayes puts her hands over her mouth.

 (Patrick[geek] ) "I-I...would like one?"

 (Nick_Wright ) Molly, maaaaaaybe we should head outside for a bit.

  Holmes[18] takes in a deep breath, and gathers his bag, and newspapers.

  Nick_Wright has a bit of sweat on his brow.

  MollyHayes 's hands are over her mouth so that she doesn't interrupt because Crane doesn't like that. And also she wants to blurt out 'gay'. She shakes her head at Nick. You have to /listen/ to people.

  Nick_Wright blinks, and nods. All right. He stays near her, though.

  Some is trying to let Jon do this.

  Holmes[18] stays inside, he's just gathering things up.

 (Jonathan ) I'm... I... th-they... no.  They hated me.
 (Jonathan ) A-a-always said...

  MollyHayes is totally making sad kitty faces over here! And trying to look like she's listening and she cares, just like the councilors say to.

  Holmes[18] tilts his head, listening.

  octopus removes his sunglasses and cleans them, shooting Nick a weary look.

 (Jonathan ) That.

  MollyHayes raises her hand.

 (Jonathan ) Yes?

  Nick_Wright blinks at Otto, then looks over at Molly.

 (MollyHayes ) Um. (her hat is pulled down again nervously) I'm sorry that people made you think gay was a bad word. They're asshats.

  Nick_Wright coughs a bit. Um. [Did I do that? Oops.]

  Some wants to keep her. Please?

  Holmes[18] chuckles.

 (Jonathan ) I don't want them to be justified.

 (Nick_Wright ) ??

 (MollyHayes ) Oooh. I see. :\ Labels are for hozers anyway.

 (MollyHayes ) You can just be Jon then. And I'll kno who you are and you'll know who you are and it'll be yours and not theirs?
  MollyHayes tugs nervously at the hat again.

  Jonathan bites his lip.

  Nick_Wright smiles? Yes?

  octopus nods sagely.

  Holmes[18] nods in agreement.

  Some leeeans against Jon's shoulder, just briefly.

  Patrick[geek] rlaxes a touch. Things might be calming down.

  MollyHayes might raise her hand again o__o

  Jonathan says quietly, "Yes?"

 (MollyHayes ) Are we okay now?

  Jonathan nods a little.

  Nick_Wright grins.

 (Jonathan ) Isobel left, a-and Some is... is just so kind, I can't... really... say much, I'm sorry, I... I'm fine.

 (Nick_Wright ) [Isobel...?]

 (octopus ) [I'd try to reassure him, but I don't think he'd take well to it.]

 (MollyHayes ) :| (walks over to pat his hand) I cared about Alex a lot and he turned out to be a spy for our parents and now he's dead and so is Gert and that made Chase sorta angry all the time but Victor makes it a little better. I understand.

  Nick_Wright blinks. "Molly..."

 (Jonathan ) I'm so sorry your parents did that.

 (Holmes[18] ) [Poor child...]

 (octopus ) [.... eleven years old....  Most adults could not endure that sort of thing, let alone children.]

 (MollyHayes ) I'm sorry you had to deal with bullies. (resets her hat so it's not so squashed and low on her head) Bullies are really hard.  Yes, Mr Wright?

  Patrick[geek] gulps and then gets another glass of water. He's deeply troubled by 'evil' parents right now.

 (Nick_Wright ) I... no, never mind.  It's just that you've been through so much already...

 (Jonathan ) Bullies, yes.

 (MollyHayes ) Oh I haven't been through nearly anything! I was never abused or nothing and I've never had people throw things at me because I'm a mutant or anything. And I have friends and we'll get Gert back, you'll see.

 (Holmes[18] ) And hopefully you can find your friend.

 (Nick_Wright ) [Get Gert... okay, not asking.]

  MollyHayes pats Jon's hand again. :3

  Jonathan smiles, faintly.

 (Patrick[geek] ) "G-Good luck with getting um. Gert back."

  octopus nods, looking a bit sad.

 (MollyHayes ) Thank you! Chase had a plan but he had to give that one up since it wasn't nice. But it's understandable because he and Gert really loved each other. It was gross sometimes.

  Holmes[18] covers his mouth with his hand

  Nick_Wright blinks.

 (Jonathan ) You have good friends, don't you, Molly?

  Patrick[geek] is very accepting of all kinds of love. So he is not weirded out at all.

  Holmes[18] is smiling behind his hand

  Some sits back, watching Jon interact with Molly. Hm.

 (MollyHayes ) I have the best friends. When they don't ground me for things that aren't my fault.

 (Jonathan ) That's good.
 (Jonathan ) Except for grounding you, but I can't say.

  Patrick[geek] shall have his water and let the happy bonding moment go on.

  octopus is lost in thought, most of which is probably centered around Spider-man.

 (MollyHayes ) Well I /might/ have been out after dark and maybe missing for a while but I was totally kidnapped by this guy in the sewer and his artful dodgers but we be -- the artful dodgers and me -- we beat him at his own game and turned him into stone and then he broke and the two kids who were statues got turned back and then I fell asleep on a bus stop bench because using my powers makes me sleepy.

  Nick_Wright blinks. "Wow."
 (Nick_Wright ) [And she's HOW old?]

  MollyHayes bounces on her toes. "And so then I was grounded. The end!"

  Holmes[18] is finding it hard to believe that Molly's much younger then he is, but yet she is.

 (Jonathan ) I don't think that you should have been grounded.

 (MollyHayes ) No, neither do I! You can tell Nico that when you see her some time.

 (Jonathan ) I will tell her.

 (Nick_Wright ) Maybe we will.  What's she look like?

 (Jonathan )  (_ (

 (Holmes[18] ) Didn't believe your story... Interesting you call this man's assistants 'artful dodgers'.

 (octopus ) Oliver Twist.

 (Holmes[18] ) That's what I thought.

 (octopus ) They could have named themselves in homage to the character.

 (MollyHayes ) She's got long, dark pretty hair and cool clothes and she's asian and when she cuts herself the Staff of One comes out! (she twists her head around to Holmes) That's what he called us. What's Olver Twist?

  Patrick[geek] grins at Mommly. "Do you like reading?" He wants to give you BOOKS!

 (Holmes[18] ) It's a book by Dickenson.

 (Nick_Wright ) [Blood magic?  Huh.]

 (Jonathan ) ...

 (Holmes[18] ) About an orphan that tries to find a home.

 (MollyHayes ) Reading is totally cool if it has adventure in it! And ...Dickens doesn't sound like he writes very interesting stories. Does he have a mage in his?

 (Jonathan ) No.

 (Holmes[18] ) A mage...? No.

 (Jonathan ) He wrote a story with ghosts, though.

 (MollyHayes ) Cool!

 (octopus ) No... not really.  Dickens' work is rather long-winded.

 (Jonathan ) Do you want a book with wizards in it?

  MollyHayes grins at Patrick and Jon and Holmes. She tugs her hat down again, in excitment this time. "Do they write good wizard books?"

 (Jonathan ) Sometimes.

 (Jonathan ) What books have you read that you've liked?

 (MollyHayes ) Let me think!

 (Holmes[18] ) For wizards, there is the stories of King Arthur and his Knights.
  Holmes[18] is not exactly the man to go to for book recommendations.

 (MollyHayes ) Amelia Bedelia was sort of fun! And Harry Potter was okay but I didn't like Harry. :|

 (Jonathan ) Why not?

 (MollyHayes ) He just took what his aunt and uncle gave him and then everyone made a big deal about him but didn't take him away. It was stupid.

 (Nick_Wright ) [She does kind of have a point.]

 (Holmes[18] ) Hm.

 (Jonathan ) Aha.  Well.
 (Jonathan ) Have you read Redwall?

 (MollyHayes ) No.

 (Jonathan ) It doesn't have wizards, but it has adventure, and very brave heroes, who are also animals, and you do seem to have an animal hat.

 (MollyHayes ) Talking animals are coolbeans!

  Some smiles, almost beaming.

 (octopus ) ...I hope those rats are alright.

 (Jonathan ) heh...
 (Jonathan ) The villain is a very cruel rat with a poison blade on his tail.

 (Patrick[geek] ) "There's also Animorphs. It's science fiction. I um. Have almost the whole series." Ha. Geek. "You could borrow it."

  MollyHayes 's hat of the day is a duck. She stares between Jon and Patrick. "Rats with posioned blades! And I've read an Animorphs book before. Tobias is kinda cool."

 (Jonathan ) If you come to the library, then, I'll give you a card and that book.

 (MollyHayes ) oOo And you won't ask me where I live, right?

 (Jonathan ) I don't need to know.

 (Jonathan ) If you steal my book, though, I will be cross.

  Patrick[geek] happily rocks on his heels.

 (MollyHayes ) I'll hide them under my bed, cross my heart hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.

 (Nick_Wright ) [Man, he'd probably provide the worst late penalties ever.]

 (Jonathan ) Hm, well... the library is down that hallway.  :points:

  Patrick[geek] thinks Doctor Crane as a librarian is so cool. :3

 (MollyHayes ) I promise to take out that will challenge me too. (that always gets adults)

  Patrick[geek] blinks slowly. Once Molly is out of ear shot he has another random question.  (. (

  Nick_Wright yawns. "I should get to bed."

 (Holmes[18] ) Good evening Wright.

  MollyHayes is edging towards the library. "Goodnight, Mr Wright."

 (Jonathan ) The library will be open again tomorrow morning.

 (Nick_Wright ) Good night, everybody.

 (Jonathan ) Obviously, I'm here, right now.

 (MollyHayes ) Oh. Well. :3 Tomorrow is fine.

  Nick_Wright PINs out.

 (Patrick[geek] ) "Night..Oh. He's gone."

  octopus waves goodnight to Nick.

  Jonathan grins.

 (MollyHayes )  (_ ( I'll be right back though, okay? I drank a lot of pop tonight. (overshares and scampers off for a second)

  Some is doing an inner boogie of relief.

 (Patrick[geek] ) :D

 (Jonathan ) All... right?
  Jonathan turns back to the bar.

  Some shifts back to the seat next to him. "Hey, you."

  Patrick[geek] looks up. "Hmmm. Bed for me. Other wise I'll never be up in time for school." He pauses and nods to the others. "Night."

  Jonathan peers at Some.

  Some smiles at him.

  Jonathan smiles.

 (MollyHayes ) (returns! The Duck hat is placed on the bar as she pulls herself up onto a stool beside it) :) Okay, better. I thought for a second there I would explode!

 (Jonathan ) You had a lot of cokes.

 (MollyHayes ) Well, it would have been silly just to dump it out so I could have the can. : )

 (Jonathan ) No, what you should do, is you should get a lot of cokes from behind the bar, and go sell them.

  Holmes[18] decided to sit on the floor, back against the couch.

 (MollyHayes ) Is that stealing?

 (Holmes[18] ) Well there is no bartender here.

 (Some ) It's all free stuff.

 (octopus ) Everything here is free... though stealing furniture is generally frowned upon.

 (Jonathan ) No.  Everything here is free, and it comes.... back... every so often.

 (MollyHayes ) ....I'll have to ask Nico but I could do that! I just have to really careful or someone will find me and take me back to that silly mutant academy.

 (Jonathan ) Hrm.

 (Jonathan ) I don't think many people will think much of it if you sell them as you would with a lemonaid stand.

 (Some ) That'd be a good idea.

 (Holmes[18] ) I have to agree.

 (Holmes[18] ) However, I must return home. Exams tomarrow.

 (Some ) Good night. Good luck.

 (MollyHayes ) Sweeeet. Goodnight Mr Holmes. Good luck on your tests!

 (octopus ) Goodnight, Mr. Holmes.

 (Holmes[18] ) Good Evening everyone.

  Holmes[18] rises up, and exits

 (MollyHayes )  )_ ) I should maybe go home too if I don't want to be grounded again.

 (MollyHayes ) Can I take the bag of cans and stuff with me?

 (Some ) Yeah, of course.

  MollyHayes pats Jon's hand again before sliding of her stool. The recycling bag is maybe a little akward but she's got it covered. "Um, mostly when I say goodnight I give out hugs and stuff but..."

 (MollyHayes ) Good night, then!

 (Jonathan ) Good night, Molly.

 (Some ) Night.

  MollyHayes slips out with her bag of bottles over her shoulder. Ho ho ho.

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