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Nov. 13th, 2007 | 12:54 pm

Session Start: Mon Nov 12 19:07:06 2007
Session Ident: #thesanctuary

 (Eiko ) Hm.  Does anyone wish tea?
  Isis is the younger Isis. She's dressed in loose, if comfortable, clothing. And her backpack is near her. "If you wouldn't mind, please?"

  Eiko walks across the room and behind the bar, and begins making tea.

 (Holmes[18] ) Yes please.

  MollyHayes peeks into the Sanctuary before setting foot inside, this time sans the footy PJs. She grins.

  Isis opens the backpack and pulls out her notebook, flipping to a new page, and she begins sketching something thoughtfully.

  Holmes[18] sprawls on the couch. He's very tall, wiry, with dark hair, and a beakish nose that currently sports a bruise.

  Isis is a short and busty-for-her-height gal with long, straight black hair and blue eyes. She wears glasses, and loose, comfortable clothing. Her resemblence to her older alternate is passing at best, as you'd need them together to really tell.

  Nick_Wright has joined #thesanctuary
  Nick_Wright enters. Woot.

  Isis is the younger Isis, blah blah, Badge knows who she is.

 (MollyHayes ) (the animal themed hat of the day is tugged low over her ears as she tries to see over the bar) May I have a coke, please? From a can. Unopened.

 (Nick_Wright ) Hey everybody.

 (Isis ) Hello.

  Isis is sketching something in her notebook.

 (Jonathan ) o_o

 (Eiko ) Hello.  Do you wish some tea? I am making.

 (Nick_Wright ) Sure, that sounds good.  It's starting to get a little chilly back home anyway, to say nothing of that spirit I had to deal with that had no concept of personal space.  Ugh.

 (Holmes[18] ) Hello Wright.

 (Nick_Wright ) Ah, hey Mr. Holmes.

 (Holmes[18] ) spirit?

 (MollyHayes ) oOo (on tiptoes) Am I invisible like Mrs Richards? Because that would be an awesome new power! (The hat is tugged lower in both hands) I could throw cars and no one would know who did it! I could be the Invisible Pink Powderkeg!

 (Jonathan ) Do you need a coke?

 (MollyHayes ) And I co-- yes please, Mr Crane. (beams) Have you eaten today? Do you remember me?

 (Isis ) If you were invisible, how would it be known that you're pink?  Amused look, for a moment, and she resumes the sketch.

 (Nick_Wright ) Yeah.  Seems to have been a bit lonely in life.  Kept hovering over me.

  Jonathan gets up and gets her a coke.  "I ate, yes.  I remember you."

  Eiko comes out, bringing cups of tea to Mr. Holmes and Mr. Wright.

  Isis assumes she'll be next, as far as tea goes.

  Nick_Wright accepts. "Hey, thanks."

  Holmes[18] takes the cup. "Thank you."

  MollyHayes happily opens the sugary drink and downs half of it before answering. "Thank you, that's good!" Her eyes slide over to Isis and then back to Jon, who she addresses. Isis, what Isis? "And I would know I was pink."

 (Isis ) Mm.

 (Jonathan ) It isn't really the safest thing to have cokes from the bar, but most of them are all right.

  Eiko goes back behind, comes out with two more.  One is handed to Isis, and the other is hers.  She sits and takes a sip.

 (Isis ) Thank you.  Littlebeam to Eiko, and she resumes drawing. She appears to be trying to sketch the Summoning Gate that brought her here, or the one she did on /her/ end from memory (Because she's not channeling any power, it won't have any extraordinary effect at the moment).

  MollyHayes cradles the pop in both hands, waiting for Jon to take his seat again before seating herself. "I considered something else but Chase promised to kick my patootie if I drank anything not pop from a bar."

  Nick_Wright drinks. "Phew, yeah, that hits the spot."

  Jonathan sits down nearby.   "Well, yes, you don't want to have alcohol.  It would make you sick."

  Holmes[18] lays the newspapers he brought in on the coffee table.

  Isis sips her tea as well, making a soft, content noise.

  octopus shuffles in, reading a newspaper and muttering to himself. A takeout cup of coffee is held in one of his actuators.

  Holmes[18] has four or five spread out - all of different colors and quality - from a low-grade right-wing paper that is pink with poorly printed letters to the crisp white high-grade with some crude early photographs.

 (MollyHayes ) ...Hello! (waves the hand holding the popcan. There's a soft 'oops' and she starts trying to wipe up the little splashes with her sleeves)

 (Holmes[18] ) Ah, Good Evening Octavius.

  Jonathan hands her a napkin.

 (MollyHayes ) Thanks :3 Yer so sweet.

 (Jonathan ) :)

 (octopus ) Hello, Mr. Holmes... Nick... Jonathan...

 (Isis )  quietly to herself  hmm... I wonder..

  octopus also nods politely to Isis and Eiko before settling into his favorite seat. He has no idea who the kid is, so she passes below his radar.

 (Nick_Wright ) Hey Otto.

 (MollyHayes ) You forgot me. I'm Molly. (don't be rude, now!)

  Isis glances and gives a littlenod to Ock, too. She's the younger one, to note. Although...

 (Isis ) ..I think I'm going to attempt something.  Flips the notebook shut

  Eiko nods to Dr. Octavius.

 (Eiko ) What are you going to attempt?

 (Isis ) Another attempt at finding my way home.

  Isis is going to attempt to create a summoning gate /here/ and see what happens

  Holmes[18] places the bag on his lap, as he purses through his paper selection - front cover of one has a nice cross-hatch sketch Queen Victoria, but he looks up at Isis  I do hope you do succeed at the venture.

 (Isis ) I hope so as well.

 (Eiko ) Good luck.  Will it be dangerous?

 (Isis ) It shouldn't be, at worst, it's one of those things that just won't work.

 (Isis ) Either way, I think I'll sleep afterwards, so. Er. Goodnight all. ^^;

 (Holmes[18] ) Good Evening Miss Macrow.

  Isis steps out after goodnights, Mun's pushing it
  Isis has quit IRC (Exit: NIGHT!)

 (Jonathan ) Are you still living in the Nexus, Molly?

 (MollyHayes ) Oh no, we haven't moved to the Nexus yet because Nico doesn't trust any of you. (beams) We're still living in our hideout in LA.

 (Jonathan ) Oh.  That's really much better to hear.

  octopus squints at the girl, trying to remember her. He might've seen her a while ago.

  Nick_Wright is just settling in right now.

  Holmes[18] folded the paper, and sets that one down.

 (octopus ) Hm.  I know where the girls have ended up, Nick, though I still don't have any possible way of dealing with the problem.

 (Nick_Wright ) Really?  Where'd they go?

 (Jonathan ) Why aren't you living with your parents?

  MollyHayes settles into a chair and kicks her feet. Beg for food now or later? ....She coughs. "Our parents were all evil masterminds who controlled most of the west coast and were trying to destroy the whole world in a few years. They died."

 (Jonathan ) Oh :/

 (Jonathan ) I don't think I can think of many villains I know with children.

 (octopus ) That Clockwise Town, in the Nexus.

 (Holmes[18] ) There is a town in the nexus?

 (Nick_Wright ) Wow.  Can't say I've been there.  What're you going to do?

  Holmes[18] looks at Molly - actually double-taking.

 (MollyHayes ) Yeah. :\ Chase's parents got pregnant and then they all decided that instead of fighting over which of them got to live in their evil little utopia that they would give the spots up to us. Only that was totally not coolbeans so we had to become superheroes and overthrow them.

 (octopus ) ...hm... I think Toomes has at least one child.  I know that Kraven did.

 (Jonathan ) Hrm.

  octopus nods. "Yes, it's a bit out of the way, but it seems inhabited. I know that other habitations have existed in the Nexus, before."

 (Jonathan ) Well, that's your universe.  All of -us- are just insane.

 (Jonathan ) So it's probably best...

 (MollyHayes ) Ultron too! Victor's daddy is Ultron.

 (octopus ) .... I have no idea who Victor is, though I imagine he is an android, if his father is Ultron.

 (MollyHayes ) Yeah but his mommy's Latino.

 (Nick_Wright ) So are you going to go and rescue them, Otto?

  Holmes[18] is trying so hard to follow, and fails.

  MollyHayes sips her pop.  )_ )

 (Jonathan ) I think that it would be bad for any of us to be around children...

  octopus raises an eyebrow. Well, if one of Ultron's other kids could get a human pregnant... enh.

 (octopus ) I don't think I can, to be honest.  Not unless I'm fortunate enough to come upon something that will protect me against a telekinetic vampire ancient.

 (Nick_Wright ) ..uh, yeah, probably not.  Crosses don't work, huh?

 (octopus ) I doubt it.
 (Nick_Wright ) Hmm.  Better leave it to the pros, then.

 (MollyHayes ) I think you'd be just fine with kids. (she leans over and pats the air above Jonathan's hand) Well, as much as any adult can help screwing up.

 (Jonathan ) I don't think so.

 (Jonathan ) I'm evil.

  octopus sighs. "If I can find any that are willing to take care of the problem for me.. preferably without killing Ms. Kouga."

 (MollyHayes ) Oh. That seems to be par for the course with grownups. ;____;

 (Nick_Wright ) Wish I could help, but I'm no fighter.

 (Jonathan ) Not... really, no.

 (Jonathan ) Most adults are simply apathetic.

 (octopus ) It's alright.  I wouldn't want to put you in danger.

 (MollyHayes ) What does apathetic mean?

  Nick_Wright looks over at Molly. "Just simply not caring."

 (MollyHayes ) ...So adults either don't care or they're evil. Okay, gotcha! (TAKING NOTES)

  Jonathan scowls, and was going to explain it.

 (Jonathan ) Most of them.  There are good people.

 (Nick_Wright ) H...hang on, that's a pretty cynical way to look at it.

 (Jonathan ) Please do -not- interupt me.

 (Nick_Wright ) !  S...sorry!

  Nick_Wright is NOT getting on the wrong side of a guy with fear gas.

 (MollyHayes ) oOo (sips her pop again) He really does look sorry, Mr Crane.

  Holmes[18] noticed the way people react to Crane, and gives Nick a questioning glance.

  octopus just shakes his head, annoyed.

 (Jonathan ) hm.

 (Jonathan ) What you'll find, really, is that most people, regardless of moral inclination, are rude.

  Mantis is here, now. Sitting in an armchair.

 (Jonathan )  (_ (

  Nick_Wright shrinks in a little more.

  MollyHayes reaches over to pat Jon's hand again. "I thought it was very polite of him to say sorry."

 (Jonathan ) Yes, he made up for that, but that's because he's afraid of me.

  octopus gives Nick an apolagetic look. "Would you have believed that he was sincerely apologizing either way, Mr. Crane?"

 (Nick_Wright ) [Jesus H. Christ, there's no winning either way with this guy.]

  Eiko takes a sip of tea.

 (Holmes[18] ) He apology does seem genuine to me, Mr. Crane.

 (Jonathan ) I believe the apology.  I am simply explaining why it occured.

 (MollyHayes ) Because people are in..inherently rude.

 (Holmes[18] ) Not nessecarily.

 (Jonathan ) Because he is afraid of me.

 (Nick_Wright ) [Great life lessons being taught here.]

 (Jonathan ) People will curtail their behavior when they either respect the person they are dealing with, or when they are afraid.

 (Mantis ) Heh.

 (MollyHayes ) Fear doesn't always make people polite! I tend to throw things when I'm scared.

 (octopus ) ...no.  Whether or not he was afraid of you, Crane, Nick still would have apologized.

 (Nick_Wright ) Eh heh heh.

 (Jonathan ) Yes, it does -not- always make people polite.  That is an important observation.

 (Jonathan ) Fear invokes several different responses.

  MollyHayes mimes throwing the couch. "And sometimes I call people names. Like Wolverine." B| "Who should be called Prissy Fat Head."

  Holmes[18] peers over at Mantis, before looking to Jonathan - appearing rather annoyed by the lecture.

 (octopus ) [His passive-aggressive behaviour makes me want to kill him, sometimes.]

 (Nick_Wright ) [Some would argue scaring the bejeezus out of people for your own personal gain's pretty damn rude in and of itself.]

 (Jonathan ) Why do you suppose you do that?

 (MollyHayes ) Because he's a big fat meanie but I'm stronger then him.

  octopus notices Mantis, but does not say anything to him. He's convinced that the guy can read minds or something already.

 (Jonathan ) You seem to be stronger than most people.

  Mantis is a tall, gaunt, and hairless figure in a gas mask and greatcoat. You know. In case anyone forgot.

  MollyHayes forgot and so Molly totally hasn't noticed yet. Otherwise she will scream.

 (MollyHayes ) (preens) I can lift SUVs over my head and throw them down streets! Wolverine can ...poke out claws and growl at little girls like a Prissy Fat Head.

 (Holmes[18] ) Not everyone operates purely on a fear-or-no-fear level.  he raises a brow

 (Jonathan ) You can tell a lot about someone by how they react when they're afraid - how they see themself, how they relate to you, their surroundings..

 (MollyHayes ) Do you like making people afraid, Mr Crane?

  octopus has an image of a short, hairy man with wild hair and metal claws in his hands. Member of the X-Men. No-one really impressive, as far as he's concerned.

 (Jonathan ) I do.  Do you know why?

 (MollyHayes ) Be...cause you're ...No?

 (Jonathan ) Because I am afraid.

 (octopus ) [...because he is terrified of everything himself and thoroughly insane, for a start?]

  Grif walks in and... momentarily considers keeping his helmet on, since Jon's going on about fear again, but figures he can get it on again if a gassing happens, and thus takes it off on his way to the bar.

  MollyHayes eyedarts around at Holmes. :|

 (Nick_Wright ) AH, hey Grif.

 (Grif ) Yo.

  Holmes[18] tries so very hard not to roll his eyes at the man.

  Mantis doesn't try at all. But then, he has the benefit of a mask. heh heh.

  Nick_Wright has been on the receiving end of fear gas before. So he's a little wary.

 (MollyHayes ) D: That's not a nice way to react.

 (Jonathan ) It isn't.

  Holmes[18] is at least trying. "I honestly do not take stock in your theory." He goes back to reading the newspapers.

  MollyHayes eyedarts again and while we're on the subject of fear WTF IS THAT THING, WHEN DID IT GET HERE, GET IN THE CAR! She points at Mantis, her jaw dropping. And then screams.

 (octopus ) Good evening, Mr. Grif.

  Eiko takes another sip of tea.  "Good evening, sir."

 (octopus ) .... stop screaming, girl.

 (Jonathan )  (_ (

 (Jonathan ) That's just a gas mask.

 (Nick_Wright ) !!

  Holmes[18] jumps, he drops the papers, and winced.

  Mantis raises his eyebrows. ..Not that anyone can see it.

  Grif waves at Otto as he gets himself a beer and settles down into a seat... which is less settling with ohgod the screaming.

  MollyHayes 's jaw snaps shut but she keeps pointing. "It's not his face?"  )_ ( OH GOD IS IT HIS FACE

 (Jonathan ) You don't take stock in my theory.  What am I, then?  Simply evil?

 (Mantis ) It is.

 (Jonathan ) It's not his face, Molly.  That's a mask that people wear when they want to filter the air they breathe.

 (Holmes[18] ) Just someone whose theory I do not agree with.

  octopus stands, brushing himself off. "And what's more, even if that man wanted to hurt you, he couldn't! So please, calm down. Have you never seen a cartridge mask before?"

 (Jonathan ) Perhaps she hasn't.

 (Jonathan ) What's wrong with my 'theory' then?

 (MollyHayes ) No! The air is just fine in LA. (Hahahaha ._. Yeah.)

  octopus removes his coat and sets it in his chair, deciding that now is the time to look more intimidating and recognizable. Maybe he can get the kid to shut up if she knows that he's Doctor Octopus.

  Nick_Wright chuckles. "Yeah, LA air is dandy, isn't it?" Irony wut.

 (Eiko ) It seemed somewhat... thick and unpleasant when I was there.

 (Grif ) Isn't it?

 (Holmes[18] ) It's too simple - and be glad you do not live in London.

 (Holmes[18] ) I been told the fogs can be lethal.

 (Grif ) Oh. Right. Twentieth, twenty-first century. Never mind.

 (octopus ) Either way, everyone in this place gets along a lot more smoothly if there is no screaming or finger-pointing.  Even if he's [freak] strange-looking, everyone who does not actively make other people miserable is welcome in here.

  Nick_Wright sighs a bit. "Well, the atmosphere in here got thick quick. Molly, did you want another soda?"

 (Jonathan ) There is nothing wrong with my theory  ):|

 (Mantis ) I heard that.

  MollyHayes curls up into the corner of her chair, clutching her coke. O__O "S-sorry. Yes please. And thank you." Inside her there is a lolcat screaming about octopii and cars.

  Nick_Wright goes over and finds another closed can of coke. He checks it thoroughly for loose labels and LOL indicators before bringing it over to her and passing it to her. "Here you go." He smiles a bit.

  octopus sighs and heads over to the bar for a glass of scotch. He doesn't catch Mantis' comment, unfortunately... what a nice guy.

  Selerath looks like this.

  Selerath actually hovers, but you can' see his feet due to the robe, so... also, psychic vibe here.

 (MollyHayes ) (The other can is safetly tucked under her knees for later use (Five cents at a return center!) and she clutches the new one with a small smile) Thank you. (crooks her finger. Come closer, tall Wright man)

  Nick_Wright blinks and comes a little closer. ?

  Holmes[18] decided to change topic. "What is that?" He points to the soda can.

 (Jonathan ) So, please, tell me why I'm wrong.

 (Selerath ) [About what?]

 (MollyHayes ) (whispers) How many people here are evil? (Oh and also oh god what is that new thing ;____;) I-it's a soda.

 (Nick_Wright ) Uh...

  octopus sneezes and almost drops his glass.

 (Selerath ) [Bless you.]

 (Holmes[18] ) It seems to regard only the spectrum of fear and no fear, ignoring other emotional responses, or the combinatio...  he stares at the new comer

 (Holmes[18] ) the devil...?

 (Mantis ) Eh.

 (Selerath ) [Illithid, as a matter of fact, though I do work with a number of devils, if you are seeking one.]

  Mantis disappears with a crackle of static.

  Nick_Wright thinks. "I suppose evil is really a matter of speaking. Um. Otto's sort of reformed "evil," Dr. Crane's got his own issues, the guy with the mask... I don't really know what his deal is. Everybody else is pretty good. In fact, that guy over there?  points to Holmes  Is Sherlock Holmes himself.

  Selerath 's voice IN YOUR HEAD.

  octopus squints at the 'illithid'. "Ngh... are you capable of plain verbal conversation?"

 (Jonathan ) Not at all.  I simply had not gotten to any more complex explanation.  Of -course- there are more reasons why I do what I do, but, at the heart....

  Nick_Wright blinks at Selereth, then looks at Molly. "And I don't know about that guy. It's really a matter of how you interpret it."

 (Selerath ) Yes.

 (MollyHayes )  )_O

  Selerath 's words sound.. wet and a little gargled.

 (MollyHayes ) Um. Can I go sit with you and Mr Holmes?

  Jonathan ohs and smiles at the illithid.

 (Holmes[18] ) Go ahead, Miss.

  Nick_Wright smiles a bit. "Okay, if you want to. I don't mind."

  Selerath gives Jonathan the mental equivilant of a grin.

  Nick_Wright will walk over to Holmes with her.

  Holmes[18] is still in a state of shock - trying to work out the possiblity of an octopi-headed man...thing?

  Jonathan , abandoned by small child :/

  Selerath blinks at Holmes.

  Nick_Wright is not phased, but isn't about to leave the AVF field anytime soon. He thinks he remembers reading about these SOMEWHERE. Mind, he could be a nice one, right?

  Eiko takes another sip of tea, and either is insane or going to be that way and has accepted that.

  Holmes[18] even more so at the mental telepathy. "It's an expression." He stated as an explanation after finding his voice.

 (Nick_Wright ) I'm Nick, by the way.

  Selerath is lawful evil. Which means he'll pretend to be good for the greater evil.

  MollyHayes moves off her chair after giving Jon's hand another pat, careful to take her empty soda can with her. She scoots up beside Holmes. "Hi. You um, don't have to be afraid. You know, the Thing is a lot scarier. Then. Um." Oh look, new topic. "Hi, Nick! I'm Molly."

  Nick_Wright , if he knew that, would make sure not to let this guy near his brainmeats then.

  Selerath would only eat Nick's brainmeats alone in the dark with no AVF, though they would probaly be delicious.

  Selerath bets the AVF has some fine print about eating brains.

 (Holmes[18] ) I am more stunned then afraid.  which is the truth  It is nothing that would be in my world.

 (Selerath ) Generally, that is the impression I get here. I apologize if I appear to be somewhat of a shock.

  Nick_Wright smiles at Molly. "Have you been here in the Nexus long? I know this place is pretty weird."

  Selerath bows his octohead.

 (MollyHayes ) (Don't worry Jonathan. The small child hasn't completely abandoned you. But you are being awefully weird and you should totally leave people alone when they're being funny because they might start to cry and who wants to see grown men cry? Not Molly) Only a couple of times. The first time it took our kitchen.

  Nick_Wright winces. "Ouch. I found this place while I was doing an investigation for someone. People sure have weird ways of getting here."

 (Selerath ) Is that so?

  Selerath lets out a hacking cough. He turns away from everyone, then turns back when he's finished regurgitating a lung.

 (Holmes[18] ) It is fine - I am relatively new here.  is still trying to get some bearings.

 (Selerath ) As am I.

 (MollyHayes ) Last time? Everyone ate a whole bunch of food and I had to make sure that the food on Crane's plate wouldn't attack him. It almost did!  I'm very fierce. ( No it didn't)

  octopus quickly downs his drink and pours himself a refill, before heading back to his seat. Powerful ESPers are a headache.

 (Eiko ) I am as well.

  Selerath bets Otto's brain would be even more delicious then Nick's.

 (Nick_Wright ) Attacking food.  Boy, that's a new one.  At least we have an antiviolence field now.

  Nick_Wright has sykic powurz though! D:

 (Grif ) Well, just so you know, new folks... This place doesn't stop being at least a little weird.

  MollyHayes can lift cars but ...you know that already. ._. "We once fought a nazi made of bees."

 (Nick_Wright ) A... wow, how did THAT work?

 (Selerath ) .. That's very impressive.

  Selerath already HAS psychic powers. duh. old news.

 (octopus ) ...hm.  Swarm.

 (MollyHayes ) I dunno, I stayed on the roof and watched. :| I didn't want to get stung. Victor totally fried it though. With his cool latino robot powers.

 (Grif ) Oh, for fuck's sake, not another Spanish robot.

 (Selerath ) Latino robot?

 (octopus ) .....another Spanish robot.

 (Nick_Wright ) Latino robot powers?   chuckles a bit

  octopus gives Grif a weird look.

  Jonathan sits sullenly in his corner.

  Selerath puts a slimy hand on Jonathan's shoulder.

 (MollyHayes ) Yeah, his mommy was Latino and his daddy was Ultron. :| But his mom got killed and we have to watch Victor anyway
because he could grow up to be evil like the future Gert said he would.

  Holmes[18] would not like all this brain eating, if he had an idea of what exactly Selerath is. "...Miss, your world is completely odd."

 (Grif ) Yeah, uh, back in the day, a member of my squad was a robot named Lopez, that Sarge had built. Sarge fucked up installing the voice board, so it could only speak Spanish.

  Selerath thinks Holmes is too young to eat brains. Not fully developed.

 (octopus ) ..hm.  It's not really all /that/ Strange, Mr. Holmes.

 (Nick_Wright ) Maybe they're outsourcing robot production to Mexico or something.

  Jonathan peers up at Selerath

  Selerath gives him another mental smile. switches back to telepathy for him. [And how are you, Jonathan?]

 (Nick_Wright ) [...Wow, that's the weirdest thing I've said all day.  I'm gonna get more tea.  Maybe I'm not awake enough.]

 (Jonathan ) [I hate it when I try to explain something, and people ruin it]

 (Holmes[18] ) It is compare to my world, Octavius.

 (MollyHayes ) No way, Victor is totally one of a kind. He was just born different, is all. (sips at the new coke!) Gert's parents were time travelers, see? And my parents were evil mutant doctors and Nico's parents were darl wizards and Chase's were scientist and Alex's could pop a cap in your ass!

 (Jonathan ) [I know what I'm talking about.]

 (Selerath ) [What were you talking about?]

 (Holmes[18] ) I am still seeing things from that perspective.

 (Jonathan ) [Fear]

  MollyHayes sips again.

  Nick_Wright grins. "Wow! Your world must be pretty exciting!"

 (Selerath ) [SOmething you know a lot about. I think I would let you explain that to even me.]

 (Jonathan ) [They won't]

  octopus shrugs. "I suppose it might take a bit of getting used to, but at least we have a reasonably secure and intelligable legal system."

 (Selerath ) [Fools.]

 (MollyHayes ) :| When I'm not grounded for being kidnapped by evil men in the sewers, anyway.

  Nick_Wright blinks. "You're getting me mixed up with the other guy again, aren't you?"

 (octopus ) No, I'm just thinking of his world.

 (Holmes[18] ) ... Oh right, the one with the problems with Ms. Von Karma.

 (Jonathan ) [I wanted to talk to the child]

 (Selerath ) [What did you want to say to her?]

 (Nick_Wright ) Oh wow, he has to deal with a Ms. Von Karma too?  But... the one we met was a nice woman underneath.

  Holmes[18] sips his tea. "Odd woman - admire her attempts to perfect herself, but not by her inability to recognize her errors."

  MollyHayes kicks her feet, talked out for the moment. Plus? She now has another empty can to stash away. Yay, ten cents! She's on a roll!

 (octopus ) I don't think that little jade has a nice bone in her body.

 (Jonathan ) [I was going to help her figure out for herself what 'apathetic' meant, by explaining the parts of the word, but I was interrupted]

  Eiko just listens.

  Nick_Wright frowns. "She was willing to try and help Edgeworth out, though, and didn't rat us out when we raided Von Karma's place... I mean, she's aggressive and perfection-obsessed, sure, but."

  octopus shrugs. "Maybe she's really just a sheltered brat with no humility, but I have no patience for that sort of person."

 (Selerath ) [How else would she learn?]

  Nick_Wright sighs. "Well, I haven't met the other version, so maybe things are different. I don't know."

 (Jonathan ) [He just -told- her what it meant]

 (Selerath ) [That's no way to learn.]

  Selerath mentally frowns at Jonathan.

 (octopus ) Consider yourself fortunate.  She'd probably try to attack you.

 (Jonathan ) [It is not]

  Selerath 's mun wonders if otto has looked in the mirror lately in reguards to sheltered brats with no humility.

 (Nick_Wright ) Yikes.

 (Holmes[18] ) The other Wright did not speak highly of her.

  Nick_Wright is being grudged against for being direct. Spiffy.

  MollyHayes slips off the couch. "Excuse me, I'm going to get another pop."  )__ ) And a bag to hold her cans in. BUT SHE'S KEEPING HER EYES ON YOU, MANTIS, OCTOHEAD.

 (Nick_Wright ) Huh.  Maybe they're more different than I realized.

 (Jonathan ) [Some is going to adopt children and I am going to teach them.]
 (Jonathan ) [-_-]

 (Holmes[18] ) [Then again, he did claim she whipped him]

  Holmes[18] clutches the bag he has in his lap.

 (Selerath ) [That sounds wonderful. They'll be excellent children.]

  Selerath looks at Molly.

  MollyHayes is currently at the bar. Distracted by the selection. -__-;

 (Jonathan ) [;_;]

  Selerath gives Jonathan a comforting mental squeeze.

 (MollyHayes ) (A spirte is held up triumphantly.) :3 Can I get anyone else a drink?

 (Selerath ) [You will show then when your children are smarter then all other chilren. You'll prove them wrong, as they refuse to acknowledge.]

 (Nick_Wright ) Hmm?  Sure, I'll have a soda as well.

  Selerath looks up at Molly. [No, but thank you for asking.]

  octopus is hardly sheltered these days, is too old to be a brat, and is working on his humility. Also, he's never claimed not to be a hypocrite.

 (Holmes[18] ) I would try some.

 (Jonathan ) [x_x]

 (MollyHayes ) :|! ( (-- Thinky face. She rummages for a moment and then just sighs and brings out the mini fridge, eyes glowing a bit) ...:D Take your pick!

 (octopus ) ...you unplugged that before taking it over here?

 (Jonathan ) [I wish it were not going to happen, but I can't do anything.  If he does that, I am going to teach them.  That's just what must be done.]

 (Grif ) ...

 (MollyHayes ) Uh-huh!

 (octopus ) Alright.

  MollyHayes offers around the fridge to everyone.

  Nick_Wright blinks. Whoa. "Uh..." He pulls out a can of cola, blinking a bit. "Wow, that's really impressive."

  octopus politely refuses. Soda is just empty calories.
  octopus will have empty calories that also make you relax, instead!

  Grif will open the fridge and take a fresh beer. "Thanks, Molly!" :D

  Nick_Wright enjoys a soda. Mun brbs for dishes.

  Selerath mental frowns at Jonathan, again. [Something deeper is troubling you?]

 (MollyHayes ) (offers up the fridge to Holmes) You might wanna try a root beer. If this is your first pop, I mean.

 (Holmes[18] ) ...  immediately checks to see if it's nexusbrand

 (Jonathan ) [No.]

  Selerath pulls his hand from Jonathan's shoulder and lets it rest at his side. [I see.]

  Holmes[18] takes it once he's satisified that it's not. He still has to get the Grue back somehow.

 (MollyHayes ) Mr Crane :D? (scoots around the other side of Selerath to offer a pop)

  Selerath looks Molly.

  Eiko sips her tea again.

  MollyHayes .... gives up and gives Selerath her biggest, longest :| face.

 (Jonathan ) What?  Oh, a coke?

 (Selerath ) Why do you look at me like that? Have I done something wrong, child?

  Holmes[18] goes back to his seat.

 (MollyHayes ) Yes, Mr Crane. (ducks her head behind the fridge before peering out at Selerath) I was ...reacting with fear in a, um, non-violent manner!

 (Selerath ) I mean you no harm, child, I simply do not wished to be judged so harshly by my apperance.

 (MollyHayes ) :| Oh. ...Yeah, racism is bad, isn't it.

 (Jonathan ) Thank you for the coke! :drinks:

 (Selerath ) Yes.

  Holmes[18] picks up another paper.

  MollyHayes scuffs her foot and then returns the fridge to it's spot.

 (Selerath ) My name is Selerath.

 (Jonathan ) :)

  Selerath offers a long hand? :D?

 (MollyHayes ) M'Molly. (offers her own hand) Molly Hayes.

  Selerath shakes Molly's hand a little, as to not get slime on her. "It is very nice to meet you."

 (MollyHayes ) It's very nice not to be eaten. :3

 (Selerath ) I wouldn't eat you.

  Nick_Wright has been here. Honest.

 (Selerath ) I promise.

  MollyHayes cradles her pop. "Okay. I believe you." There's a pause. "Can I have everyone's can when they finish drinking?"

 (Nick_Wright ) Huh?  Oh, sure.

 (Selerath ) Why?

 (Holmes[18] ) Certainly.

 (Nick_Wright ) Recycling money, probably.

  Nick_Wright may have scrimped like that once or twice in college.  )_ )

 (MollyHayes ) Yup! It's five cents a can. :d And I can help buy the food, then.

 (Selerath ) Ah, that's a very good use. You're a very resourceful girl.

 (octopus ) Hm.  I imagine you could raid the recycling bin without difficulty.

 (MollyHayes ) I would like that! If I make enough I can buy my own box of Cocoa Frosted Sugar Bombs.

 (Selerath ) That sounds like quite a food.

 (Nick_Wright ) [Probably called bombs because they blow diabetes into your face.]

 (Grif ) Mmmm, super-sugary breakfast cereals, how I love thee.

 (Nick_Wright ) Aren't you a little old for that sort of stuff?

 (Grif ) Who, me, or her?

 (MollyHayes ) (big eyes)

  Selerath mentally laughs at Nick.

 (octopus ) ...

  Selerath .. internally! Not to nick.

  Holmes[18] raises a brow - that really does not sound tasty.

  octopus always liked froot loops.

 (Nick_Wright ) You, duh.

 (Grif ) Pfft. Never too old.

  MollyHayes pulls her hat low over her ears and does a spin on her right foot, happily. X3! "Never too old!"

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